Redeem Your Rewards

It is so exciting to know that you are earning points every time you make a purchase. Now you have a full cart and you want to use your rewards, but how in the world do you go about redeeming them?

When you come to the website you will see our little earn free stamps popup. You may already be familiar with this from when you signed up for our rewards system, but this is also where you go to redeem!

When you click the Earn Free Stamps pop up button you will need to log into your account. You simply enter the email address and password. (If you haven't created your rewards account now is a great time to do so!)

Once you have logged in you will see how many points you have, Ways To Earn , and All Rewards.

 You will want to select ALL REWARDS and then you will click REDEEM. 

This is the fun part. You simply choose how many of your points you would like to redeem! 10 points = $1.00 discount. Once you have picked your amount you will click redeem! At this point you have the option to copy and past the redemption code. Feel free to do this, but selecting the APPLY CODE button will automatically add the discount to your cart! Continue on with your checkout process! The discount will not be visible in your cart, but will appear once you have clicked check out!

You have redeemed your rewards!