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Roadies Volume 1 - PREORDER

Roadies Volume 1 - PREORDER

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Size: 4x6

The first set in a series - when the Roadies say "we need this in a stamp!", I make it happen.  Sometimes they don't fall into any particular category so now we have our own category.  Join the Roadies FB group to post your request!

Hidden Text: Coffee spelled backwards is eeffoc and I don't give eeffoc until I've had my coffee; what is it? asshole day?; She is clothed in leggings, oversized shirts, & eats without fear of the future - Prob Me 24:7; I made you some shutthefuckupcakes; Stupid people are like glow sticks, I want to snap them and shake them until the light comes on; I fold my worries into paper planes and turn them into flying fucks.