HFB Vol 2 with Brianna French

HEY!  It's Saturday!!  And it is my best friends birthday!!  There couldn't be a better day to present this PERFECT 'Happy Fucking Birthday' card!  As much as I would LOVE to give her this card, all of our kids are able to read now, so I may have to save this beauty for someone else.  Not that our kids haven't heard the word 'fuck', I know mine sure have!

This card allowed me to use a technique I have been wanting to try for some time now.  It also helped whittle down my scrap paper stash that is ever growing.  The plan for this card was to first choose my colors our of my scrap paper stash and then start gluing.  There were some bumps in the creative process with this card.  Maybe, I shouldn't say creative process, maybe I should actually say, there were bumps with the execution.  

Do you ever have those moments when something should be extremely simple and then you get all up in your head and over think things and then end up making the seemingly simple task, extra difficult?  Well, that is exactly what I did when making this card.  Pictured below is the HOT mess that I started with, only to figure out 60 minutes into trying to make it work...that it wasn't going to work.  I think, though I can't be sure, one of the reasons it wasn't working is because I was trying to execute this strip technique on a rectangular shaped card.  So, I changed it up, and my colors, and decided to do a 5"x5" square card.  

Once I had cut many many strips out of my scrap stash, all the same size (1/2") I used a piece of copy paper and used liquid adhesive to glue them in a pattern right next to each other, using the top of the copy paper to keep everything lined up and straight.  The first pattern I chose was, dark blue, teal, sparkle pink, dark pink, light pink, light pink, dark pink, sparkle pink, teal and dark blue.  Then I rotated the copy 180 degrees so I was working at the other end and I used the same color stripes to create a different pattern.  This time I did, light pink, dark pink, sparkle pink, teal, dark blue, dark blue, teal, sparkle pink, dark pink and light pink.  Then I cut a 5"x5" square from each of my patterns.  Then, I cut corner to corner diagonally on both of the squares to each corner so as to make four triangles from each pattern.  Then I played with each pattern mixing and matching until I found the one most pleasing to me and then cut three 5"x5" squares out of white card stock and then proceeded to cut each of these diagonally corner to corner to get 12 triangles.  I used liquid adhesive to glue three triangles together for each of the four triangles and then using liquid adhesive, I glued my pattern to the three paper thick card stock triangles I just made.  

Once I was happy with my design, I arranged the triangles onto my card base leaving the smallest gap in between each triangle and around my border.  I used waterproof black ink to stamp the sentiment 'Happy Fucking Birthday" onto white card stock and then chose coordinating distress ink to wet and flick with a small paint brush onto my sentiment strip to cause colorful speckles all over.  Finally, I decided to add some gold to this card.  So, I used some gold metallic watercolor paint and flicked it as well over the sentiment.  I finished the card off by adding three well placed goldish acrylic dots.  

Everyone deserves to have a Happy Fucking Birthday!  If your birthday is today, Happy Fucking Birthday!!  To get this spot on stamp set and other snarky and sweet stamps you can visit the Ink Road Stamps shop.  And don't forget to use promo code 'BriannaF10' to receive 10% off of your order!!