Basic But Not TOO Basic

First Impression Time

Hi!  I am Stephanie!

I am super stoked to be a part of the new Ink Road Stamps Design Team and to of course become friends with each of you lovely gorgeous phenomenal people! 

I will take a little tiny 30 second moment to tell you about myself and then we will move on to the cute art that you came here for!

I am a San Diego native who claims I am from Hawaii after living there for five years but currently live in El Paso, Texas.  I am an artist and illustrator and have been working within, around and adjacent to the paper craft industry for several years now.  I am a mommy to three humans and one golden retriever and several plants that I haven't killed yet.  Husband is an Army physician and I feel like I can claim his degrees alongside him because we both worked so hard to get where we are.  Also - I am super rad and funny (humble brag) and can lick my elbow.  So there. We are friends now!

The Part Where We Talk About My Project:

So - I am a brand new IRS customer (embarrassing!) and have been admiring from afar for years since getting into paper craft.  The stamps I have personally collected over the years have all been ones I have had the extreme privilege to illustrate for a handful of different companies.  But now I am so privileged to begin working with the lovely talented and glittery Ink Road Stamps and I couldn't be more excited.

I started where anyone should start - with the Basics!

I also need to admit something now so there is no confusion - I am not a planner when it comes to creating.  It just happens.  I see something in my imagination and start working toward it, OR I just start putting "pencil to paper" so to speak and see what happens.

I had a hard time narrowing down which sentiment to use but settled on a card and project I will use for my sweet best friend who is having a baby this year! I went with "Congrats on the new baby" and could not even be happier with the way this turned out and cant wait to send it out to her.

So that is what I did - I started with a color palette of paper and card and just started building.  

I also used the Bella Flora stamp set because - Flowers! 

I heat embossed the flower on the card with clear and white embossing powder and painted little dots of acrylic paint around the edge of the circle frame. 

I am literally obsessed with heat embossing so I plan on literally using it in every single project I ever do!  I like to sprinkle it on wet paint and then emboss it to create a sparkly speckled effect.


Now I just gotta get a baby gift!

Wrap This Up Already.......

Ok - I have bored you and that's cool because after like one paragraph I have checked out of most blogs too.

Hit me up in the comments or on the socials and lets talk art, creativity, inspiration and pretty things!  Let's be art friends already!


Hugs and High Fives;

Steph Low